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agoodyear strives to find the most unique and amazing Washington wines and deliver them to your door every quarter. In Stock Club Wines.


JM’s 2016 vintage of Louisa is a blend of 92% merlot and 8% Cabernet Franc made exclusively with Margaret’s Vineyard fruit. This wine shows big rich cherry flavors with soft tannins and a lengthy finish. Only 279 cases produced. Enjoy!

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Eleven is the result, ultimately, of an epiphany. Winemaker Matt, having hung up his bike racing wheels in 1998, started looking around for what to do next. Having left graduate school in physics years earlier to pursue bicycle racing while his legs were still young, he considered going back to school, but the slow pace of scientific research is enough to lull just about anyone to sleep, which is what it did to him one morning as he dozed over a neuropsychology text in the Fall of 1999. In that half-awake state where dreams and reality mingle and chat like guests at a party, the epiphany struck, as though everyone at the party stopped talking at once except for a single voice that said clearly "you should be a winemaker." Such a voice is not wisely ignored, so Matt set about finding a way to try winemaking. Matt and his wife Sarah were living in the San Francisco Bay area, where they had spent many weekends touring and tasting at wineries, so it seemed like giving winemaking a try might be feasible without having to go too far.

This coveted & unique blend of 45% Petit Verdot from Elephant Mountain, 22% Malbec from Sugarloaf Vineyard, 22% Syrah, 11% Tempranillo is complex, full-bodied and has a silky, spicy dry finish. La Ronde delights with richly intricate undertones of northwest berries, brightened with peppery warming spices & mint.  

Double Gold, 2018 Seattle Wine Awards

Silver, 2018 Cascadia Wine Competition 

Silver, 2017 Great Northwest Invitational Wine Competition 

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Tranche Estate occupies a spectacular site in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, east of Walla Walla. The vineyard climbs as high as 1265 feet and provides a heart-thumping, bird’s-eye view of the entire Walla Walla Valley. The unique aspects of terroir which give each wine a sense of place—such as soil, elevation, aspect and rainfall—make our Blue Mountain Estate Vineyard truly one of a kind.

At Tranche, we are devoted to crafting expressive, aromatic and beautifully defined wines. From deeply textured reds that convey the unique character of the land, to elegant whites and rosé that offer a new-World interpretation of classic Rhône blends, we strive to make every bottle worthy of your attention.

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Named as one of the top 10 new wines of Washington State by Seattle Magazine this wine is a blend of 


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The grapes were harvested separately, bunch sorted, de-stemmed and transferred to 1 ton fermenters. Approximately 50% of the berries were left whole and uncrushed. After fermentation, the must was drained of free run juice and the skins were lightly pressed. The wine continued its alcoholic fermentation in French oak until it was dry and then proceeded through Malolactic conversion prior to being racked and returned to barrel. It was left to mature undisturbed for 28 months before bottling. 

Our Malbec is intense and full bodied with great balance and fine tannins. Nuances of violets, blackberry, blueberry and pomegranate are balanced by light oak vanillin. Enjoy on its own or pair with beef brisket, lean red meats and blue cheeses.


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Camaraderie Cellars has been recognized for making consistently high-quality wines for over twenty-five years.  We are in Port Angeles, Washington, on the North Olympic Peninsula where great wines and iconic Pacific Northwest scenery combine in a setting that’s hard to beat. Our wines are made to honor the grape variety and the vineyard the grapes come from . . . our growers are true partners in our craft.

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Corrida is Spanish for "bullfight"

This finely-crafted blend will instantly transport you to Spain, where Tempranillo is regarded as the king of Spanish varietals. A beautiful garnet color greets you with bright aromas of black cherry, toasted cedar, pomegranate and black pepper with hints of baking spices. 

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Together, we fulfilled one dream—it was an honor and privilege to serve our country as Air Force pilots for more than 23 years.  Now we are thankful for the opportunity to pursue a second dream—to cultivate, create and share the wines we love.

Beginning with our first visit to Walla Walla in 2000, we fell in love with the place, the people and the phenomenal wine.  Something in that visit sparked a dream for both of us—to someday live on a small Estate Winery where we could cultivate, create and share our own world class wine with family and friends.  Over time it became clear that Walla Walla offered the perfect union of people and place to realize our dream and create the wines we love.

We invite you to join us on this journey and experience the Walla Walla lifestyle with us either in person or in a glass

The focus of our production is Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, cultivated and created from the vineyard that surrounds our home.  Kelly and I believe all great wines begin in the vineyard, with each site expressing unique varietal qualities based on the intersection of terroir, climate and farming practices.

Our goal is to make beautiful, balanced wines we love to drink and share. Our winemaking philosophy is simple, combine exceptional fruit with traditional winemaking techniques to create wines that are unique expressions of the place where they were grown. 

We make our wines in small production lots using fruit from our Estate and other carefully selected vineyards whose growers share our passion for quality and stewardship of the land, including several of our closest neighbors along Mill Creek.  Each wine is extremely limited in availability and handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail to showcase the quality of Walla Walla and Washington state fruit.

Kelly & JJ Menozzi


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Founding Winemaker Eric Dunham discovered his passion for wine at a young age. As a teenager in the early 1980's, he enjoyed helping himself to his parents' international wine collection. Even with those precious bottles safely tucked away in a locked wine cellar, Eric learned how to pick the lock. When the lock was upgraded, he discovered he could remove the hinges from the cellar door. Mike and Joanne never quite figured out how to keep Eric from his cellar sampling, and during his Navy years stationed at Moffett Field in Santa Clara County, Eric continued to pursue his passion by enjoying many trips to the Napa Valley. With a keen palate and admiration for the art of crafting the perfect bottle, Eric returned home for a father-son fishing trip with Mike. When his dad asked him what he wanted to do with his life, Eric had a clear vision: "I want to make wine."

Today Dunham Cellars is still owned and operated by Joanne Dunham and David & Cheryll Blair.

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Since the moment I became interested in wine I knew I wanted to start my own winery. As I learned more about viticulture and enology the more I became obsessed with the process, rather than the product. That’s the inspiration for me as a winemaker, perfecting the process. I would also have to say that my wife was the impetus behind getting our label started. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it or how to begin but my wife, Brooke, convinced me that we would find a way and to just go for it!

How did the winery decide on the name “JB Neufeld”? My wife and I brainstormed on names. We tried to get creative but hated everything we came up with. None of it was really us. I knew I wanted my last name as part of it, as homage to my Grandfather, even if no one can pronounce Neufeld! A little bit of the past and a little bit of the present, the J is for me, and the B is for my wife Brooke.



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